The playground site before construction began.

Site after the workers from Phu Ly prepared it for the construction team.

Who are these Americans?

And why have they come to Phu Ly?

Every piece of equipment requires one or more holes to be dug.

Everything must be set, aligned and secured in place in preparation for concrete.

Some assembly required!

I think this bolt goes here.

It takes science, brains and brawn.

Will we ever get it to line up straight?

Still more assembly required.

Setting the low climbing wall in place.

Resting in the heat.

Sand, sand and more sand.

And every bit must be moved.

Team members worked hard, many hands doing many tasks.

Until this...

...replaced this!

Children's marching band paraded from the Children's center next door to the playground site.

Playing at the Dedication.

First comes tentative inspection...

A little training and encouragement.

Learning how to do it...

And how not to do it!

Looking for courage...

And finding a little.

Followed by abandon.

We had to teach them "how."

Self-discovery on the barrel roll.

We all have our "Mount Everest's" to conquer.

Cultures and generations meet at the pogo stick.

Sheer joy!

Most important, it's about the relationships.

Some games need no translation.

Skeptical boy keeps watch from nearby tree.

Children's eyes filled with wonder and amazement.

It's all about relationships. Group of girls connecting with a UniReach team member.
The St. John's Team

Gwyn, Bill and brother Dave

Thank You

Without your prayers, your giving and your going, this monument to Jesus’ love would not have been built.